Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to rent for a certain period of the year, is this possible?

Yes, we offer not only year and day rental, but also period rentals in the off-season. Request a quote for our affordable winter rental rates.

How many days a week is day rental charged?

Daily rental is only charged from Monday to Friday... weekends are free of charge.

Why do the rates differ between periods?

Particularly in the spring there is a shortage of CC trolleys and shelves. To best meet our customers’ needs for trolleys and shelves, we ourselves hire extra during this time. In this period, daily rentals must carry the costs. As a result, prices are higher.

At which auctions can the trolleys and shelves be transferred or handed in?

At both Floraholland and Plantion you can transfer or hand in at our number: 44274

Can the CC trolleys and shelves also be delivered to my location?

Yes, that is possible. We have our own truck and if this is unavailable, we rent transport. The transport costs will be charged to you separately, and are not included in the rental price.

What should I do with broken trolleys or shelves?

You should keep these materials separate and hand them in by a Container Centralen or Rojaal Plant depot. Attention: you can no longer hand in broken materials at Floraholland! Before handing material in at a CC depot, you need a separate form that you can request from us, at least one day in advance.

What does it cost to turn in broken material?

Because the cost of the maintenance contracts are included in the rental, you don't need to pay if you turn in or exchange defective material.

Can I also store CC and shelves at Rojaal Plant during the periods that I am not using them?

Yes, the CC trolleys that you rent from us you can store free of charge in the periods that you are not using them. If you want to makes use of this option, please contact us.

I expect to require a lot of trolleys and shelves, should I make a reservation?

Outside the peak period there are usually plenty of trolleys and shelves in stock, making reservations unnecessary. To ensure that the number of trolleys and shelves that you need are available, it is a good idea to arrange the rental period with us beforehand. In that case, we can guarantee that the trolleys and shelves that you reserved are available for you at that time.

If you have any further questions, please contact Rojaal Plant bv.

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